How MindQ Works?

MindQ complements the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to create a more complete picture of employee total health and well-being. Once the assessment is completed, the MindQ Summary Report links to available resources in the employer benefits and wellness program ecosystem, creating a robust solution for participants.

MindQ is unique in the market, as a scientifically-validated assessment that helps drive targeted intervention to support employee growth and resilience. In addition to HRAs and wellness programs, MindQ may also be used in conjunction with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and other programs and/or tools that support intervention to address employee mental health and well-being.


A number of reports can be produced, including:

  • Participant Summary - A brief report that summarizes MindQ results, and provides specific strategies for action to address each area of well-being.
  • Coaching Instructions - An instructions document that complements the Participant Summary and supports a health coach with suggested engagement approaches and additional resources.
  • Aggregate Report (coming soon) – A report that provides summary statistics of your employee population mental health and emotional well-being.


  • MindQ ensures client data is managed securely, confidentially, and in accordance with applicable legal regulations at all times.
  • Employers will not have access to individual participant response data.

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