Starbucks raises employee mental health benefits from $400 to $5000 and reaps the rewards.

by Terry K Borsook, PhD
in Blog

Organizations are increasingly realizing that mental health is crucial to employee success. Employees experiencing depression, persisting stress, anxieties and other psychological troubles operate in reduced productivity mode and are at increased risk of a wide array of health problems that can prove very costly for their employers. Investing in mental health can yield considerable dividends by greatly improving productivity, lowering insurance costs, and reducing risks of health problems, not to mention boosting employee moral, satisfaction, and loyalty.

A company showing leadership in this space is Starbucks Canada. They recently raised mental health benefits from $400 to $5000 per employee. No doctors note is required and there are no restrictions on the type of therapy covered, other than that the therapist be a clinical psychologist, counsellor or other licensed practitioner. This $5000 figure is a substantial amount. Given about $150 per session, that would enable individuals to obtain more than 30 sessions with a therapist.

This is immensely good news for the thousands of Starbucks Canada employees, for whom the gateway to better health has been thrown open; a gateway that might otherwise have remained shut.

It is also great news for Starbucks who will gain the best of what their people have to offer. If decades of research on the issue is any guide, compared to the cost of their mental health program, the gains to Starbucks are likely to be huge.

For more information, explore this link:

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