MindQ Assessment

MindQ supports companies by shining a light on mental wellbeing, not just physical


MindQ’s Symptomatic Approach to Assessments

The MindQ Assessment helps employees identify their resilience to stress, satisfaction with life, and emotional health. It links employees with the most meaningful programs leading to greater engagement, utilization of existing resources, and improvements in health, productivity, and wellbeing.

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Most standard health risk assessments (HRAs) ask very simple, diagnostic focused questions regarding mental health:

“Do you feel depressed?”
“Do you take any medication for depression?”
“In the past 2 weeks, how would you rate your overall mood?”


MindQ takes a symptomatic approach to identify nuanced
mental health statuses across six categories:

“I find it easy to make other people laugh.”
“My supervisor often asks me what I think about something.”
“I often have difficulty making up my mind about things.”

MindQ’s Areas of Measurement

Life Satisfaction

Life Satisfaction


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Emotional Health

Emotional Health

Measures wellbeing areas of
personal fulfillment, job
, and financial wellbeing

Creates stress coping profiles
by evaluating responses and
behaviors towards stress

Identifies and stratifies potential
emotional health risks for
anxiety and depression

A Clinically-Validated Assessment

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Reliable: The assessment measures the same thing each and every time. Any change in scores is due predominantly to change over time in the variable of interest (rather than to random error).

Valid: The assessment measures what it’s supposed to measure. Respondents are being correctly classified when taking the assessment.

Normed: The assessment has been normed on demographically representative groups. Respondent’s scores are compared to an appropriate and representative norm group.

Fair: The assessment does not discriminate against protected groups. Scores should not be impacted by gender, race, disability status, etc.

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