What is MindQ?

Current wellness screenings provide highly simplistic assessments of mental health and well-being. By properly assessing for the broad spectrum of mental well-being, MindQ can effectively direct employees to more personalized intervention resources that address specific needs and risks. Linking employees with the most meaningful programs lead to greater levels of engagement, higher utilization of existing resources, and long-lasting improvements in health, productivity, and well-being.

The MindQ Mental Well-Being Assessment measures those areas of mental health and well-being that are most impactful on health and workplace effectiveness criteria such as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Three distinct areas of mental well-being are assessed:

Life Satisfaction:
Measures general well-being areas of Life Satisfaction including Personal Fulfillment, Job Satisfaction, and Financial Well-Being.

Identifies participant stress coping profiles and brings awareness to more effective strategies to help build levels of resilience.

Emotional Health:
Evaluates low, intermediate, and high levels of risk for anxiety and depression.

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