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Take the Next Step in Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing has become the new priority for employers. In response to the impact of mental health on individuals and the workplace, employers are looking to evolve their wellness programs to include care for mental health and wellbeing. MindQ seamlessly integrates with wellness programs and platforms to create a holistic wellness solution.


MindQ Assessment

Employees can identify their strengths and highlight areas of development while learning about their resilience to stress, satisfaction with life, and emotional health.


MindQ Activities

Employees learn how optimism, compassion, and gratitude can positively influence their mental resilience, overall health, performance, and relationships.


MindQ Reporting

Companies receive aggregate data analysis of employee mental wellbeing, which can be customized to include data from wellness programs.

What does it mean for MindQ to be clinically-validated?
Learn more about our reliable, valid, and fair assessments.

Benefits for Companies

See greater levels of engagement, higher utilization of existing resources, and long-lasting improvements in health, productivity, and wellbeing by directing employees to the most meaningful programs for them.


Build a Culture of

Inspire employee engagement by creating an environment of holistic wellbeing.


Identify At-Risk

Properly identify and assess wellbeing areas in employees that impact health and workplace effectiveness.


Encourage Robust

Provide effective and appropriate resources and interventions to employees in need.


Measure Impact On

Calculate the impact of education and interventions on employee wellbeing to inform program and benefits design.

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3 Areas of Mental Wellbeing

Employees can learn about their resilience to stress, satisfaction with life, and emotional health by taking the MindQ Assessment. The assessment helps employees identify their strengths and highlight areas of mental development.

Life Satisfaction: Measures wellbeing areas of personal fulfillment, job satisfaction, and financial wellbeing

Resilience: Creates stress coping profiles by evaluating responses and behaviors towards stress

Emotional Health: Identifies and stratifies potential emotional health risks for anxiety and depression

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