Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you choose MindQ?

Why do I need a mental health assessment if I already have a health risk assessment (HRA)?

MindQ is not your standard health risk assessment. Instead of asking individuals if they have ever been told they have depression or anxiety, MindQ asks about symptoms, thoughts, and experiences. By leveraging the thousands of data points of validation, the MindQ scoring algorithms can identify individuals who may be at higher risk even if they haven’t been told they have a condition or may not be aware that they have these concerns. We like to call these individuals the “Invisible Population”—they are hard to find and connect with appropriate interventions but represent one of the largest opportunities for wellness programs and employers to make a significant difference to a vulnerable population.

Why do you emphasize that MindQ is clinically-validated?

When assessing mental health, how you ask questions is essential. While it may seem like converting a list of symptoms to a series of yes-or-no questions would be enough, there’s actually a huge amount of research demonstrating that poorly designed survey instruments give very misleading results. Should you use five-point Likert scales or six-point? Do we want to ask about frequency or severity of symptoms? What kind of validity scales need to be built in to the assessment? These are all extremely important questions if you want to create a valid, fair, and reliable assessment. The MHS team has spent decades building assessments to support clinician diagnosis of mental health conditions ranging from depression, to ADHD, to substance abuse. We’ve brought all of this psychometric expertise in questionnaire design, scoring, and reporting to the development of MindQ, which is why we believe it is the best mental wellbeing assessment available to employers today.

How can MindQ help your employees?

How does MindQ fit into a broader mental wellbeing strategy?

Addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace is hard. A key component for successful mental wellbeing management is matching each person to the right level of intervention. This is where the MindQ assessment really shines—not only do you get aggregate information on the whole population, but your wellness program can also get individual information to make sure that people who need more help can be appropriately referred to the right place, whether that be a wellness coach, the company’s EAP, or other educational activities.

Do you recommend that everyone participates in the MindQ Activities?

Yes, a major part of managing mental wellbeing in the workplace is generating or raising organizational awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Everyone from leadership to managers to front-line employees should be engaging with efforts to improve wellbeing, and keep an awareness of the impacts of mental health in their day-to-day activities. This is where the MindQ activities come in. Just like a walking challenge can foster community and build awareness around physical health, the MindQ activities are intended to bring everyone into conversations about improving mindfulness and mental health. Based on the principles of positive psychology, the 3 activities focus on optimism, gratitude, and compassion, each with information, activities, and encouragement that can benefit every participant, even those who are not currently facing challenges to their mental wellbeing.

Is MindQ compatible with existing systems?

Can I use MindQ with my existing HRA and/or wellness program?

Yes, MindQ can fit into your wellness program to create a holistic solution. Our API allows us to seamlessly integrate with your current HRA and wellness platform. Through our API deployment, people can complete the assessment and receive their individual report without ever leaving your wellness platform. The MindQ activities can be implemented directly on your wellness platform or via paper.

Can I use MindQ if I currently don’t have a wellness platform and/or program?

Yes, MindQ is integrated with several wellness platforms and wellness providers. If you already have a wellness program/provider but aren’t on a wellness platform, MindQ recommends CoreHealth Technologies, our premier wellness platform partner. CoreHealth Technologies is the leading corporate wellness platform trusted by more than 1,000 organizations, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Contact us if you are interested in connecting with CoreHealth.

If you’re looking for a wellness program provider, MindQ has partnered with Wellworks For You, a one-stop-shop wellness provider for all your wellness program needs (including incentives, program requirements, education, coaching, challenges, and fitness and nutrition tracking). Contact us if you are interested in connecting with Wellworks For You.

Is MindQ secure?

Are employers able to see individual employee information?

No, employers will not have access to individual responses or reports. Employers will be given an aggregate report that summarizes MindQ data across the entire company for an overview of their company’s mental wellbeing.

Is MindQ data and information secure?

Yes, MindQ ensures client data is managed securely, confidentially, and in accordance with applicable legal regulations at all times.

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